3 pieces of advice to share with new homeowners

Writing this blog is all about sharing knowledge with our fellow real estate professionals, homeowners, and prospective homebuyers alike. It means we’re always looking for golden nuggets of wisdom and informative articles that benefit our readers.

Why do we disclose this? Because one of our favorite articles over the last couple of years was this piece from a Realtor.com editor turned first-time homebuyer. It was further proof that even the experts learn a thing or two with each house they buy. Not only is that an important lesson to pass along to our buyers and sellers, but it’s a reminder that our customers aren’t in real estate every day, too.

Well, that editor is back with a new piece called “The 5 Things a Real Estate Editor Learned 2 Years Into Homeownership.” Our teams have curated some of her advice just for you.

Get to know your neighbors: This was an important highlight, especially since the pandemic paused this traditional practice for many people who bought homes in the early 2020s. However, anytime you move to a new place, it’s good to have people you can rely on for maintenance recommendations, to collect the mail while you’re gone, or to give you the inside scoop on the neighborhood. After all, good neighbors are worth their weight in gold.    

Understand your home’s value, but don’t obsess over it. Thanks to sites like Zillow and the aforementioned Realtor.com, one of the most fun activities for new homeowners is to watch their supposed home value fluctuate. Just don’t let it become an obsession. While knowing your home’s value is important for equity reasons, what a website says about it from month to month isn’t so much. As the author writes, those values may as well be “Monopoly money” until you’re ready to move or refinance.

“Your home isn’t just an investment; it’s also the place where you live and make memories,” she concludes. A money-related move you should make, though? Paying a bit extra toward your mortgage if and when you’re able.      

Live in your home for a while before making changes. This one was important for us to include because the advice to house hunters is often to be flexible during their home search because you can make spaces your own down the road. But in this piece, the newish homeowner recounts how she had plans to overhaul the kitchen right away. Here’s what she writes in the “hold off on calling the contractor” part of the piece.

“Once we were living in the house, it quickly became clear that an island would become an obstacle. As a full-blooded Italian-American, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I didn’t need something obstructing the path to the oven.”

Our teams are thankful to be the title and closing choice for so many of you and wish our customers years of joy in their new homes. Whether you’re just starting your homebuying journey, or your new place is starting to feel like home, we hope these tips come in handy now and in the future.

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