Real Estate Tip of the Week: Working on Real Estate Bios

When a buyer or seller is on the search to find a real estate agent, don’t be the one to fall into the loud mesh and not been seen! There are a lot of real estate agents out there – how can you stand out from the crowd?

Your bio on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Blog is a great way to separate yourself from the Plain Janes in the real estate world! What you write about yourself can really make a big impact to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Here are some quick tips to up your real estate game:

The Lead

Be sure to introduce what brought you into this industry, how long you’ve been helping clients, and some of the goals you’ve accomplished since becoming an agent!

The Action

You should be telling your clients why you’re a good fit for them – yes, you’re the number one real estate in the area, but be sure to be specific about what you do!

Talk about what you love about your work, the clients you help, and your goals as an agent. Mention the clients you’ve helped purchase or sell homes for; are they retirees, first-time homebuyers, or newlyweds?

The Personal

It’s important to be relatable. Write about something quirky or unique about you – maybe your favorite sports team, your favorite hobby, what you’re passionate about. Show potential clients that you’re more than a real estate agent – you can be someone they connect with as they go on to purchase or sell their home.

You are YOUR brand – so be sure to use your voice in the way that highlights the best you!

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