Swiping Left or Right: The Digital Age of Getting to Know a Neighborhood

Part of buying a new home means moving into a new neighborhood – and while it’s incredibly important for you to love your home, you should also love the location.

But how can you do that with COVID-19 causing shelter-in-place?

Try Google Maps

Google maps usually has every street mapped out through street view! Take a stroll around the neighborhood and see what businesses, parks, and restaurants might be surrounding the area! This is a great way to gather the neighborhood feel and look while being safe on your couch.

Search through Social Media

Sometimes a neighborhood or a complex has a newsletter or a social media community page. Scope out what they are highlighting and sharing. If you’re able to find a social media page that highlights the town that can give you a great idea on the overall feel of where you might be moving.

Gather Data

City-Data provides profiles on cities and areas – things like average weather, average home prices, crime rates, and reviews on local restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Check out School Districts

If you’re moving with your family, be sure to take a look at what the school districts look like and whether or not the education matches what you’d like your family to have.

Talk with a Real Estate Agent

Nobody knows better than your real estate agent – they’ll have the ins and outs and the scoop on the feel and overall look of the neighborhood you’re interested in. Give them a call and ask them about possible HOAs, walking distances to parks, etc.

Even though house hunting is a tad different during COVID-19, it doesn’t mean you still can’t find the home of your dreams.

Check out Alliance Title’s Blog for more tips and news.

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