4 things you can do to market yourself – for free

Today’s digital age provides more opportunities than ever to promote our services, products and knowledge without spending a dime. That all sounds good in theory, but nothing about marketing is automatic. It’s why you need a plan if you want to get your messages to the right people.

This list intrigued us, though we’ve spent plenty of space writing about the importance of social media, email marketing and video. With that in mind, we used it to compile these tips to ensure you’re on top of your marketing game this summer.

Host webinars and other virtual events

We’re all familiar with video conferencing by now. Take advantage of that and use virtual meetings to share your expertise. By offering valuable insights, you can attract potential clients and position yourself as an industry and community thought leader. Two more tips? Webinars and virtual events offer another avenue for free promotion, and if you record these sessions, you can share them on your website and social media platforms for further reach.

Keep asking for those referrals and reviews

Relationships are everything in real estate. (Thanks for being our friend.) Never underestimate the power of networking and referrals. Reviews and testimonials can also help you bring in business. If you’re not asking for all three from your happiest customers, you’re missing out.

Offer to write a guest blog 

If you’re not ready to start your own blog but still want to share your insight on a few topics, we have the perfect solution for you. Guest posting on established real estate blogs can provide excellent exposure to a wider audience. Reach out to various blog owners in your niche or around your community and offer valuable content their readers will appreciate, which brings us to our next point.

Be open to creating content partnerships

Coming up with content can be hard. A content partnership involves collaborating with another business or influencer to create and share content that benefits both parties. This could be a co-authored blog post, a shared webinar or even a mutual shout-out on social media. Seek potential partners who align with your brand and have a complementary audience.

Our teams know we work with some of the best real estate professionals in our markets, and everyone else around our great communities should, too. We hope this list full of tips on how to create engaging content, leverage partners and showcase your skills and expertise is exactly what you need to start reaching all your marketing goals. 

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