4 Ways to Market to Baby Boomers (the largest audience in real estate today!)

Move over, millennials. You too, Gen-Z. This blog is all about a more seasoned crowd. Recent data shows that baby boomers make up the largest portion of today’s buyers AND sellers, and it’s essential that all of us do our best to reach this important group.

One takeaway on this topic? Good marketing reaches all age groups. Being active on social media, producing engaging video content, and showing that you care, all help you stand out from the crowd for anyone. 

Make sure you understand what the demographic is and isn’t.

Every generation has its own stereotypes, but who are the baby boomers, really? We’re glad you asked. This label technically applies to Americans born between 1946 and 1964, so they’re one of the largest sectors of consumers. You’ve heard the stereotypes, (Okay, boomer?) but this generation is tech-savvy, affluent, and, yes, a little self-centered, at least according to this article. (But then again, what generation isn’t?)   

Show respect and empathy.

Above all, be respectful and sensitive to the unique challenges of your older clients, like the strong emotions they may feel about leaving an old home behind or letting go of their favorite belongings when it’s time to downsize. They probably don’t want to be reminded of their age, so make sure you don’t use words such as old or elderly in your conversations or marketing efforts. After all, the youngest boomers haven’t hit 60 yet. However, the truth is there are likely many memories in their old home. Starting a new chapter is a big step for anyone, and we should remember doing so can be exciting, thrilling and, yes, scary.  

Be authentic and provide great service.

We know. This advice shows up on our lists a lot. It’s that important for different reasons, but in this case, baby boomers are more skeptical of advertising and marketing messages than younger generations. They want honesty and authenticity from brands, so make sure your marketing messages are genuine and not too salesy. They want to know how you’re going to get the job done for them and want to make sure you have it handled. Baby boomers value excellent customer service and are more likely to become loyal customers if they receive personalized attention. This means having online, phone, and in-person options for all your customers – and asking which one they prefer – regardless of age.

Use social media strategically:

While baby boomers are not as active on social media as younger generations, they’re still there – especially on Facebook. In fact, this generation uses Facebook far more than any other social media platform. The demise of the world’s largest media platform has been vastly exaggerated as the age of the typical user has shifted, especially when that’s exactly the audience you’re trying to reach. Incorporate some of these other tips into your Facebook plan (maybe make sure your page has a phone number listed, for example) and see what works.

Our teams are happy to work with customers and partners across any age group, and we always aim to deliver the service that you desire the most. Getting the job done for you is our universal goal. Thank you for trusting us as your title and escrow provider, and we can’t wait to see you again.

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