next-level video tips you’ll want to use

We don’t have to tell you that video is increasingly more important in real estate marketing. From virtual walkthroughs, to following up with clients and partners or creating social media content, shooting a quick clip is often the best way to connect these days, and we love it. In fact, we’re excited to start producing more footage of our own very soon! 

It’s also why we’ve written on this topic before. However, now that we’re all more comfortable in front of the camera, here are some more tips to keep pushing your video production game forward.  

Get creative 

A great video draws people in and engages them in ways other media can’t. However, it’s essential to be sure you have some beautiful, captivating shots to do just that. Consider checking out some content from competitors or leaders in your area for inspiration to see what they’re doing. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and experiment, especially if all of your videos are shot the same way. After all, you want your video to be remembered for all the right reasons. 

Focus on lighting

You want your real estate videos to shine – and being aware of lighting will help ensure they do. Of course, lighting tends to be important for videos in general, but many amateurs won’t think about how the lighting will look until it’s too late. Ensure all interior lights are on, and consider investing in supplementary lighting. (Ring lights are a great option if you’re shooting on your phone.) When it comes to exterior shots, consider shooting on a clear, sunny day.

Don’t forget about editing

Editing is one of those vital aspects of video creation that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. You don’t need to have a professionally produced clip to connect with an audience, but you want your product to be something you’re proud of. Another thing to note: If you’re shooting a longform video, and it’s going to be multiple pieces edited together, always get more footage than you think will be needed. In addition, make sure you account for editing time in your post-production schedule. Like all things worth doing, editing takes some time and effort to do correctly. 

Our teams love working with our great customers, and we can’t wait to see more of your face – both in person and on video!   

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