5 reasons we think you’ll love working with a REALTOR®

Working with a REALTOR® in 2023 offers many advantages which can easily outweigh any disadvantages. We understand that the internet may make buying or selling a home easy, but trust us, it’s not, especially in today’s ever-changing market. But don’t take our word for it. As we’ve said before, 86 percent of buyers and sellers reported using a REALTOR® last year. 

Furthermore, almost all of them said they have already referred, or plan on referring, their professional agent to family and friends. It’s also important to note that the number of FSBO sellers remains low (it was 10% in 2022, up from 7% in 2021. In the 1980s, that number was as high as 15 percent.)    

Here are just a few reasons why:

REALTORS® are well-connected in the communities you are looking. Having connections throughout the real estate community can save you time and money. Your agent’s relationships could be a lead on a house that hasn’t even been listed yet, or no-cost professional photography for your listing, thanks to your REALTOR®.

Can be your expert resource. There is so much more to the buying and selling process than you may think when it comes to finding your dream home, or determining the perfect listing price. We’re talking about negotiating, inspections, all things money, preparing for closing and more. A good agent (and loan officer plus title professional) can guide you in all kinds of ways. Trust us when we say that there are always curve balls being thrown. Wisdom is worth it. 

Have access to exclusive search channels. Being a REALTOR® comes with some perks, such as access to local search engines. All homes are listed on public sites and apps, but REALTORS® often will have more in-depth information and access to other agents who can provide additional information not listed on the public sites. Plus, they may know of soon-to-be-listed homes that check all your boxes.

Follow a code of ethics. This one may seem like a sales pitch, but it’s not. It means a lot in a world where people can be so focused on building their own wealth that they will treat others like nothing but a dollar sign. This code gives you the assurance that your best interests are being considered and represented.

Our local REALTORS® care. OK, you caught us. Our team added this one to the list. However, trust us and our experience when we say the agents serving our markets are the best around!

Ultimately it’s up to you whether you want to work with a REALTOR® or go the For Sale By Owner (FSBO route). We can assist with those transactions too. However, if all things are equal, partnering with an agent to be your advocate is usually the right move. We can’t wait to see you – and your agent – around our closing table!

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