4 stats that show LinkedIn is worth another look

Both of the following sentences are true: 1) It’s OK not to be engaged on every single social media platform. 2) LinkedIn is totally worth another look for any real estate professional/community leader.

Our team knows there are more social media options than ever before. However, after nearly two decades, LinkedIn is finally more than just a job site. It’s an engaged community of thought leaders in every industry ready to share ideas. It’s the perfect place to showcase your professional content and keep building a brand. Whether it’s on a company page or your personal account, you can promote your core values, educate potential clients and keep showcasing your local expertise.

Don’t believe us? Here are four recent LinkedIn stats (and a bunch more for other social sites too) that we should all know about as we plan our marketing and social media strategy for 2023.

About sixty percent of users are between the ages of 25 and 34. Talk about a perfect target audience. LinkedIn is full of engaged professionals who want to be part of a thriving community – and we’re willing to bet many of them are looking to buy or sell homes in the near future.   

Content posts exponentially outnumber job listings now. We already mentioned LinkedIn is much more than a job posting board, but here’s a stat to back it up. Content impressions outnumber job postings by 15 times now. People in every industry use the space to connect with others, grow their business, learn, and cause change in their community. Come be part of it!

Almost one-third of a company’s engagement comes from its own team. We’re including this because it underscores the need for buy-in when launching a strategy for growth on LinkedIn. Users want to celebrate their friends and colleagues. Give them that opportunity.    

Six people are hired every minute on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is more than just a place for jobs now, it still serves that purpose; we promise. We thought this was a cool statistic, but it’s also a good reminder that you can still use the platform to find talent when needed.  

Build your company page and post more consistently on all of your accounts. You’ll certainly find an audience wanting to hear from you on LinkedIn. Whether in person or digitally, our teams are always ready to connect with you. Let’s talk about real estate trends, the great communities we serve and title escrow anytime!

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