3 reasons to buy a home now

Right about now is when the housing market traditionally slows down. We all know that, but the last few years have been anything but normal, which is why now could be the perfect time to buy a home. Here are three reasons why:

Inventory is finally up, and sellers are motivated. For years, we’ve heard about bidding wars and dwindling selection. Well, now the tables have turned. There are more homes on the market, and buyers can spend time finding the home that truly fits their needs at prices not seen just a few months ago. 

Interest rates could go higher. The sticker shock of rising interest rates is real, but it’s likely that they will continue to go up next year. Relief is on the horizon, according to many predictions, but for those who are looking to move in the near future, this may be the best they’re going to get.   

There’s no time like the present to get into a new home. Yes, this is a reference to getting into a new home by Christmas, but it goes deeper than that. The last couple of years have been anything but predictable, and that will continue well into 2023. The bottom line is the “right time” is different for everyone, and for many, it could be right now.

We know conversations with buyers – and sellers – have been tricky lately, but there are still a cornucopia of reasons right now is a great time to buy a home. No matter the season, our teams are here to help you and your clients to the finish line, and we are always grateful to be your title and escrow choice.

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