Employee Spotlight – Brittany Guettermann

Let’s give a round of applause for our newest Alliance Title Employee Spotlight, Brittany Guettermann!

Brittany is an Escrow Officer for Alliance’s Meridian, Idaho branch. She helps facilitate smooth real estate transactions – from the signed contract to receiving the keys in hand! Brittany enjoys the opportunity to help clients become homeowners. She explains, “There is nothing like sitting at the closing table with excited homebuyers anxious to make their purchase become their family home.”

Having been with Alliance since July 2014, Brittany is the knowledgeable professional to have on your team! Of the Alliance Core Values, “Teamwork,” is Brittany’s favorite as she feels it is the most essential piece to getting the job done. She continues, “It takes everyone cooperating together; each bringing their unique strengths to create a great experience for all parties. The team I work with makes teamwork fun!”

Outside of the office, Brittany loves spending time with her husband and their two sons. You can often find the four of them in the foothills or on the Boise greenbelt soaking in the sunshine and fresh air.

When asked whom Brittany admires, she finds it difficult to pinpoint just one person she has found influence from. She explains, “So many people inspire me and cheer me on – whether they know it or not. In my phase of life, I have especially admired other working moms balancing home and work. They achieve and excel in the office by day, and then are reading books and tucking kids in at night.”

Brittany’s favorite quote comes from Elisabeth Elliot: “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.” She finds comfort in this quote because, as Brittany illustrates, “So many times in my life I have taken a leap of faith hoping things work out. Sometimes in the midst of that leap, we can look back and wonder if we made the right choice. This quote reminds us to be faithful and persevere; trusting that what was ‘planted’ will blossom.” 

Now that you’ve gotten to know Brittany a little more, give a shout out to Alliance’s Meridian Branch on Facebook, and write them in on your next transaction! Brittany looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

Brittany Guettermann – Escrow Officer Alliance Title Meridian
2965 E Tarpon Dr, STE 180, 83642

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