Home Value & Landscaping Go Hand-in-Hand

We’re all guilty of it – finding a home you like, but then checking it out in person and being disappointed when you see the lawn isn’t as green as it was in the listing.

A home’s landscaping and front yard greatly affects the sale. A new study released from Trees.com found that property values can decrease by up to 30% due to poor landscaping alone, while 78% of real estate professionals agree that your curb appeal can make or break your home’s value.

Don’t think landscaping only involves a green grass and trimmed trees – potential homebuyers are also looking at “hardscaping.” Hardscaping refers to structural and decorative elements, like decks or outdoor kitchens. 40% of agents agree that if any hardscaping isn’t kept up-to-date can have a negative impact on the sale.

Check out Trees.com’s infographic, here:

Why would curb appeal impact so much of a buyer’s perspective?

Chicago-based real estate investor and developer, Bill Samuel, explains, “Today’s homebuyer expects the home they purchase to be move-in ready and prefers not to have to do any work. Exterior hardscape upgrades that allow for outdoor entertaining are becoming even more desirable as most homeowners prefer to entertain at home and outdoors during the pandemic.”

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