Real Estate Tip of the Week: Speedy Tech Hacks

Technology is supposed to make things easier – but sometimes, does it feel a bit like a drag?

As a real estate agent, you’re used to working on the fly; but what about when you’re using social media, or emailing, or texting a client? Sometimes just the mundane tech stuff can bog you down.

But! We’ve got the tips for you. Check out our guide on how to be just a tad faster (and cooler!) when using your daily tech apps.

Facebook Lists

Facebook is a great tool for the real estate industry….but, you can also find yourself down the rabbit-hole hours later and wondering why you got on Facebook in the first place.

Facebook lists can organize your friends on FB – you can post updates for specific people, easily reach out to groups, and see recent activity. You could make these lists for: potential clients, past clients, and general friends.

Check out Facebook’s Help page to create your list.

Text Replacement

Sick of typing out the same “hello” messages or hashtags? Text replacement can seriously cut down on your typing and cut/paste time.

To set up a text replacement, you’ll need to create it under your “Keyboards” section in your general app in your phone. From there, you’ll tap on ‘text replacement.’ Type in your general sayings – or hashtags – and set up your text replacement! That way, whenever you go to send your email, text, or schedule your post, you can just type in your text replacement word, and your copy will automatically pull up!

Audio Messages

Audio messages might be a good option if you’re having a super busy day, but your client wants to know the latest of their transaction. Sending an audio message is more personal than a text, and is quicker than a phone call. It can be a good way to keep them in the loop, but also mentioning you’ll call them for more information at your next break in the day.

Tech is important – but keeping it quick and easy is the way to go. For more real estate tips and tricks, stop by Alliance Title’s blog.

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