Real Estate Tip of the Week: Why Aren’t You Texting?

Buyers and Sellers – they’re just like us: they don’t want to talk on the phone. No one really does.

What do they prefer, then?

Simple! Texting. Text, text, text.

As a real estate agent, how can you communicate through text without coming off as too aggressive?

Check out our tips on how you can establish a relationship with leads, buyers, and sellers through text messaging:

Be the First to Respond

A client has found you through your social media pages or your blog – they reach out to you through your phone number listed, but you’re currently busy! What do you do?

Create an auto-responder for online leads! You can set up a text message to send after a lead clicks “submit” on an online form of yours, or when they text you (if you have your phone number listed). Don’t know how to set up an auto-responder? Check out how to create one, here.

Send Reminders/Updates

You don’t want your client to miss an important piece of information! Sometimes emails can be overlooked – so shoot a friendly reminder or update text!

Remind them of important dates and times; send updated information about a nearby neighborhood; let them know when the appraisals gone through!

Keep in Touch

As an agent, you know how important it is to stay in touch with previous clients – through email drip campaigns, through postcards, and now, through texting!

After a client has closed on a home, check up on them in about 2 weeks and ask how things are going. When it’s been a year since their home has closed, send a happy anniversary text! Little messages like this go a long way – and keep you in the front of their mind the next time they look at a new home!

A quick reminder: texting is supposed to be quick and straight-to-the-point (hey, that’s why we love texting more than talking on the phone, right?) – so don’t think too hard about sending out a text. Be friendly, be yourself, and don’t send long essays.

For more real estate tips, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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