Home Improvement Happiness

Have you been putting off any home remodeling just because it might seem so, well, daunting?

Well, it turns out home improvement projects might actually aid in mental health!

According to CouponFollow’s recent survey of 1,000 homeowners, 49% of respondents have said DIY home projects have given them a sense of enjoyment while being under quarantine.

It seems as though with the many months being under quarantine due to COVID, many homeowners took the time to be productive – and it paid off! Over half of homeowners who completed any DIY home improvement projects were successful!

Not only did these home remodeling projects help with homeowner happiness, but it also seemed to help financially! About a quarter of respondents said they were looking to sell their homes within the next five years.

The top DIY projects included: bathroom repair, interior house painting, and bathroom décor.

Check out CouponFollow’s infographic below:

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