Moving: Homeowners Adjust during Pandemic

Looks like a pandemic won’t stop movers – it’ll actually motivate them!

HomeLight, a company that provides software and services to the real estate industry, released a survey that showcases results on some of the top reasons homeowners are moving.

The top three reasons people moved were:

  • More space (44%)
  • Buy versus rent (41%)
  • Suburbs vs city (37%)

Check out HomeLight’s infographic below:

As remote work becomes more of the norm, homeowners are needing more space for a formal home office. Many millennial homeowners have also felt the need to purchase a home instead of renting (check out our previous article on why millennials are becoming homeowners), and suburbs offer ample yard space and less opportunity to use common spaces like you would in a city.

For more real estate news, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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