Real Estate Tip of the Week: Market Planning & COVID-19

Usually, market planning is mapped out a year in advance – you already know your goals and steps that you want to accomplish! But with COVID-19 changing much on how we live, planning for your businesses can prove to be a little more difficult.

To adapt in these times, it’s best to market plan just a month (or two) in advance. That way, you can make sure you’re staying relevant to what is currently needed with buyers and sellers.

Take a quick look at some of the ways you can market plan for the immediate future:

  • Following up on leads might not be the most appropriate action to take during a pandemic – instead, think of taking a more moderate form of prospecting.
  • Send personal letters and messages to your past and current clients through the mail! Be compassionate and understanding to current situations. Let them know you’re there for them with whatever assistance they might need.
  • Finally get to organizing and updating your list and notes in CRM!
  • Utilize video! Send heartfelt messages to your clients through email.
  • Make sure any automated email blasts or social media campaigns are stopped or up-to-date to reflect the current situation.

We’re all growing and adapting during this quarantine. Be gentle with yourself and remember to be compassionate and understanding with your clients during this time.

For more real estate tips and news, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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