The Cold Bothers Homeowners: Easy Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Hear us out – even though it’s (possibly) freezing outside, your home still needs the time and care it receives over the summer months.

But that doesn’t mean we’re suggesting insane home maintenance projects! Below, you’ll find a list of easy-to-manage home projects that just happen to take place during the winter months. These projects can help you save money on the electric bill and help prevent any expensive repairs.

Take a quick peak at what we’ve got for you below:

Trim Branches

You’ll want to avoid potential property damage if any unforeseen winter winds take up! You can have the trees on your property inspected and treated. You don’t want branches breaking through a window, your roof, or even damaging cars.

Weatherproof Windows

Most windows develop an air gap over a period of time – this can cause an energy loss in your bill for heating and cooling!

To update, remove any old caulking and use a caulk gun to apply a newer, smoother level. Check out this article for more information.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Yes, this isn’t as simple of a DIY, but it can help in the long run. Checking for missing shingles, roof tiles, and damage to your roof can help prevent any possible leaks or other expensive repairs down the road.

While these are only three suggestions – they are important to maintain the health of your home. For more winter home maintenance suggestions, check out HouseBeautiful’s article here.

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