Bigger vs. Smaller Home – What Downsizers Miss

The grass is greener on the other side – but, is it?

Homes.com released a survey focusing on homeowners who have recently downsized; the survey found that while downsizing was the better option for them financially, it didn’t necessarily mean immediate happiness.

Half of the respondents cited “getting rid of possessions” as a major challenge when downsizing to a smaller home, with loss of space as one of the greatest challenges.

If you had to decide between keeping your comfy sectional couch, or your antique dining room table, you’d have a difficult time too!

Another interesting find: 19% of homeowners became more distant from family and friends after they moved into a smaller home.

The survey also highlighted that on average, parents with adult children waited 5 years after they moved out before deciding to downsize – giving their children the option of moving back home, if need be.

Check out Homes.com’s infographic below!

Infographic provided by Homes.com

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