Real Estate Cyber Security: Update Your Password

Cyber security is incredibly important within the real estate industry.

But we get it – updating your passwords can be a downer! Especially if you currently utilize the myth of believing random character passwords are the best way to prevent hackers.

Today’s cyber security advice definitely takes a more user-friendly turn.

Cyber Security Experts are now recommending easy-to-remember phrases as passwords, rather than ones filled with random characters. The old advice of using complicated passwords came from a time when people just had fewer passwords to remember.

In reality, those types of passwords aren’t making you any less vulnerable to security breaches, and they’re ultimately frustrating you.

So, how can you make a strong – but easy – password? Check out our tips below:

Different Passwords for Different Accounts

We all have dozens of online accounts that are protected by passwords – this should also mean that each account has a different password.

Repeating passwords is a BIG no-no. If one password is compromised, then your other accounts will be exposed to hackers.

Think of Phrases

Instead of a simple word as your password, think about using phrases instead. Use your favorite book, TV show, or even an inside-joke you have with a friend or family member.

This simple switch will make it easier for you to remember AND will be unique enough to prevent cyber-attacks.

Keep Your Passwords Organized

Okay, so you have a different password for each of your accounts – how do you remember all of them?

We know that writing down passwords is a bad idea, and unfortunately, this is still relevant today. Luckily, there are an array of apps that can help organize all of your passwords. Check out this list of Password Managers to help you decide which best fits your needs.

Enable Two-Step Verification

After you’ve confirmed your password for your account, enable two-step verification (if the account has it available).

With two-step verification, you’ll have to confirm your identity before accessing the account. This is usually done by texting a code to your phone.

We know, we know – passwords can be annoying to deal with. But, if you take a moment to properly protect your account, it can save you a great deal of trouble in the future.

For more real estate tips, follow Alliance Title’s Blog here.

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