Homebuyers Should Avoid These Painting Mistakes

Paint, paint, go away, come again when we’re feeling more motivated.

We know, we know – painting can be exhausting. But what’s even more tiresome, is committing a painting faux pas only to start over again.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home (or just wanting to give it a good update), a fresh coat of paint can do wonders on giving your home new life. While painting can give your home a great facelift, it can also ruin the “mood” of your room, if done incorrectly.

Here are some quick tips when it comes to whipping out the paintbrush:

Color Hues

Be very careful when selecting a particular shade. Baby hues – baby blue, pink, yellow – can make your home feel childish. Choosing, instead, a more saturated shade (colors that range from pure color to gray) for the space and then incorporating a baby hue into the room as an accent can diminish a toddler feel.

The Light in Your Home

Colors will change depending on how certain lights hit them. Experts suggest selecting a shade or two lighter than the paint chip, as it usually always goes on darker than it looks. If you can, test out the color on the walls with an actual paint sample to ensure it’s the color you want.

The Finish

After you’ve painted the room, you’re going to want to apply a finish before completing the task. Matte, gloss, and flat are some of your options for different finishes.

Ceilings Are Walls Too

Paint your ceiling with flat paint – light is reflected even more on ceilings, which could showcase shadows and uneven drywall. A low-luster sheen finish can help diminish any ceiling mistakes.

The Size of the Room

A cool accent wall can help make small rooms feel more open – a soft blue, gray, or green are great examples.

After you’re done, no need to sit around and watch paint dry.

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