Real Estate Tip of the Week: Marketing with Emojis

Emojis have essentially become their very own language – whether they’re used through texts, emails, social media posts, or marketing campaigns, emojis are not only fun to use, but can also help get your message across.

With World Emoji Day approaching this Wednesday, July 17th, it might be a good time to brush up on your emoji skills.

Yes, emojis are generally easy to work with, but it’s important that you are still able to connect with your audience the right way.

And there are definitely right and wrong times to send an emoji.

Emojis are entertaining! Not only are they a creative way to connect with your client, but emojis can also portray how much you truly care about their transaction and closing.

A University of Missouri-St. Louis study tested how the “smiley face” emoji was perceived in an email between colleagues versus a social email. They discovered that in both cases, the emoji made the recipient like the sender more and feel as though the sender liked them more.

When to Avoid:

If the appraisal came lower than expected, it probably isn’t a good idea to send an emoji their way. Emojis aren’t necessarily appropriate when there might be a negative moment in the transaction.

It’s also best to not assume all clients will understand or even like your emoji usage. Not all young people use emojis, and not all older generations hate them. Understand their preferred method of communication in the beginning of your relationship. If they prefer texts to emails, that might be a good indicator on whether or not emojis would be safe to use.

Understanding your emojis is also critical to maintaining a good relationship between you and your client. Check out Emojipedia to get the full lowdown on all emojis and their meanings – even if the emoji was created with a specific connotation, audiences might correlate the emoji with their own interpretation. I.e., the “whistling” emoji is mostly depicted as a “kiss”.

When to Use:

After you’ve established that emojis are something your client would possibly like, think about how you’d like to use them.

Emoji’s can act as punctuation. Use an emoji to lead your audience or client to a hyperlink at the end of your text or post.

Think about utilizing emojis as a way to emphasize a statistic or a hyperlink that you want your client to see.

Essentially, emojis are an exciting way to add a little more fun and emotion to your message – but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it. You still want your message to be clear and concise to your audience!

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