Real Estate Tip of the Week: Pinterest for your Marketing

Yes, Pinterest.

It appears that Pinterest gets the least amount of attention when social media is brought to the table.

Pinterest is so much more than just a crafting, recipe building platform. Like Google, Pinterest is a search engine – while keywords are still important, pictures are what drive this app. The better pictures you have to represent your business, the better opportunity you have for potential clients to find you.  

Branding is going to be fundamental once you’ve created a business Pinterest account (business accounts allow you to see statistics of followers and likes). The platform is visual, so you can showcase your listings, your clients, your teammates, or any little tip and idea you have to various boards of your choosing.

Research your neighborhood using Pinterest – if you search for the keyword “San Francisco,” you’ll be able to explore the top pins people are clicking on. This can help spark some ideas for your own future blog writing.

Create boards that reflect your business. Your Pinterest boards are your blog – think of them as categories. Establish a “Listing” board, a “Tips and Tricks” board, or a “Home Closing” board as a couple of different options.

Pin boards back to your blog or website. This way you are allowing potential clients multiple ways to contact you, and issuing them more opportunities to see how successful your business is!

Be consistent with your photos. Stick to one color palette and font throughout your Pinterest board; this way, future homebuyers can easily pick out your brand! Not only does sticking to a color theme make you stand out – it’s just prettier, too.

Follow local business owners, home improvement accounts, and any past clients you may have. Link back to your Pinterest page in any blog or social media post you create to let future clients find you!

Looking for inspiration? Check out Anita Clark’s Pinterest board – a real estate agent from Georgia, Anita has included her location, her specialty, a link back to the company she works for, and has stuck to a theme on her page. 

Don’t let myths about Pinterest fool you – yes, it’s a great place to start a dream wedding board, but it’s also a fantastic social media platform that helps visualize your brand and allows you to be seen as relatable and personal – the most common goals of any real estate agent.

Get pinning!                                                                              

To stay in the loop with all things real estate, check out the rest of Alliance Title’s blog.

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